Lessons & Pricing

Private Lessons

One-on-One, private 20-minute lessons. Our instructors use the Herrick Method of swim instruction to cater to each student’s learning style, physical abilities and ultimate goals. Private lessons are offered year round for ages infant through adult.

$33 per lesson (payment due monthly) + Registration

Mommy / Daddy & Me

These 30-minute group lessons are designed for parents and children (infant to two years of age) to provide a positive, bonding, early water experience. Early childhood swim lessons have been scientifically proven to increase neural pathways in the brain. This improves motor development, memory and cognitive development. These lessons are a great way to get started, as they will increase a child’s comfort level in the water and help establish trust between the child and our swim instructors; making the transition to private lessons much smoother. Parents are given helpful safety tips and techniques for handling their child in the water.

$15 per class (pay-as-you-go) - No registration fee required

Pre-Swim Team

Pre-Swim team is a series of 40-minute, group lessons designed for children (typically ages 5-10) who are competent in all four basic strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly & breaststroke. In addition to improving form and technique, these lessons are intended to help students build strength and increase their speed and stamina. The Pre-Swim Team Season runs from early fall to spring.

$30 per lesson (payment due monthly) + Registration

Registration Fee

Registration fees are collected at the time of initial registration and in March of each following year. Registration fees are applicable to new, returning and year-round students.

First Time Students or Returning Students:
$35 / Single Student
$60 / Two+ Students (must be same household)

Year-Round Students:
$20 / Single Student
$40 / Two+ Students (must be same household)